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Do you realize you Vote Every Day?

When you don't Buy Local you are voting For a company that could care less about you, your community or even your country.

If you care about where you live, keep your money LOCAL.

Scroll down to see WHY this is so important.

Consumers, find businesses on "YouSAVE™ Lookup".
Businesses, find Incredible Business Tools to grow your business.

It's Critical that you understand the Importance of Small Local Businesses.

Why Buy Local?

Who do you want your money supporting?

Here's a short 48 second answer.

Shop Local Instead of Online

Technology has made it easy to just grab your cell phone and bypass the local merchant. You probably don't even realize the harmful effects of this simple decision.

Here are Sixteen Reasons to Shop Local.

The Economies of Buying Local

Some Important Aspects you may not have considered before...

Hear from Business Owners.

Together we can make a difference.

A Partnership

Mutual Benefits

In "The Economics of Buying Local" video above, Chase Michaels shows how even in smaller communities everyone can make a Significant Difference. In fact, this concept becomes critical to the growth and success of Any Community.

The simplest decision you can make.

Look for a Local Business

When you shop, it's just as easy to find a local business as it is to simply go to the Amazons of the world.
Not only will you get better products and service, you will become an Ambassador for your local businesses.

Tell your Friends

When you find a local business or deal you like, tell your friends. We are all in this together, lets support one another. It will come back to you many times over and it's Invaluable Marketing for the business. Everybody wins.

Leave Positive Reviews

You have no idea how much a positive review helps a local business. They don't have the mega budgets of the big box stores and your review will help them tremendously.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce or local business organization. Get involved, show your support and help GROW your Local Community. If nothing else, because they pay LOCAL taxes that help YOUR community.

A Message from a Farmer.

At the beginning of this page we said, "Do you realize you Vote Every Day."

Here is a TEDX video that's a Message from a Farmer.
Think about it...

eCommerce Trends

If you frequent a business that's getting clobbered by those online, out of town businesses, let us know. We can help them. We can even show them how to compete against the Amazons of the world, usually for FREE.